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I know you love my tits. Guys like you can ever stop staring at them. You get weak just looking at them. I'm going to tease you with them for more than 11 minutes. I'm going to humiliate you the entire time for being such a loser. you're so pathetic. You're going to worship me the entire time while I make fun of you, because you really are a loser.

You really are a loser cuckold. Your wife has to go out and get fucked by another man. You're such a loser that she's fine with coming home and telling you about it. She tells you how small your dick is. Then she tells you how she finally had an orgasm for the first time. God you must be a real loser if you can't get your wife off ever.

This is for you my little cuckold. You're useless to my with your limp dick and loser self. You can watch as I get ready for a night out with my lover. You can see luscious my lips are, how amazing my ass is, but you'll never get it. You'll be sitting in your pathetic little room beating off to this while I'm out having fun, and getting fucked by a real man.

Lady Suzanne weiss, dass du ab jetzt für immer ihr kleiner Cuckoldsklave bist! Du wirst ihr ganz nahe kommen, aber sie nur ansehen dürfen! Um sie zu befriedigen, gibt es richtige Männer! Aber sie macht dich immer wieder mit ihrem Körper geil, denn sie weiss, wie heiss du sie findest!

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