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This cuckold slave is getting the worst punishment possible. He's been bad so now his wife is going to have fun. She brings home another guy while he's tide up and they go at it. He has to watch as this guy fingers her right in front of his face. She blows the guy and the even fuck inches from his face. He watches his wife get her pussy destroyed.

I know you love my tits. Guys like you can ever stop staring at them. You get weak just looking at them. I'm going to tease you with them for more than 11 minutes. I'm going to humiliate you the entire time for being such a loser. you're so pathetic. You're going to worship me the entire time while I make fun of you, because you really are a loser.

This pathetic cukold is truly a loser. There's all this sex and fun going on around him and he only has two jobs. He must lie on the floor and let the women piss on him and right into his mouth, filling him up with their golden nectar. He then gets the big humiliation and has to drink another man's sperm after he's fucked one of the women! what a loser.

Sveta met her husband Bobby when she first moved to town. She knew he was a loser but she saw how much money he had, and knew it could work out. He was the perfect mark. She got bored being married to such a pathetic loser so she took a lover. She found Rico Simmons and he rocked her world. SHe wants to get rid of her terrible husband so her friend Demonia suggested she let him catch her fucking her lover. Watch as he's forced to watch them fuck.

Danielle Maye has a special treat for you, you pathetic cuckold loser. I knoy you're thinking it's her amazing tits, or maybe her luscious ass, or if you're really lucky her glorious pussy. Only in your wildest dreams you worthless piece of shit. The only thing she has for you is a load of cum that her lover shot into her. You better lick it all up you little bitch.

You really are a loser cuckold. Your wife has to go out and get fucked by another man. You're such a loser that she's fine with coming home and telling you about it. She tells you how small your dick is. Then she tells you how she finally had an orgasm for the first time. God you must be a real loser if you can't get your wife off ever.

This is why you never piss off a dominate female. She jumps into bed after a long day at work. She asks her husband how he's doing and she gets nothing back. He completely ignores her. She's not having it at all. She jumps on him and sits her pretty little ass on his face. She farts over and over again on him. Forcing him to smell her terrible aroma as he tries to fight back.

This is for you my little cuckold. You're useless to my with your limp dick and loser self. You can watch as I get ready for a night out with my lover. You can see luscious my lips are, how amazing my ass is, but you'll never get it. You'll be sitting in your pathetic little room beating off to this while I'm out having fun, and getting fucked by a real man.

I'm lying here in a complete state of bliss after my boyfriend fucked me. He fucked me better than you can imagine cuckold. You're such a loser. You're only good for one thing and that's giving me cash. I want you to know that while you're hard at work making money for me, I'm off having fun with my boyfriend and fucking him. I just love spending your cash with him.

Your Turkish mistress is back again to put you in your place. There's nothing you can do as she destroys you. She's going to make you her cuckold bitch. Her words will break you down until you are nothing. She will make you her slave. You must accept that you are her slave and must do what she says. That includes giving her your money. So get ready little bitch

You have to sit and watch the entire thing unfold. You know exactly where I am and now you'll know exactly what I'm doing. I'm just going to sit here on the couch and make out with my new boyfriend while he fondles and caresses me. He's more of a man than you'll ever be. There is one thing that you can do for me though and that's worship me.

Cuckold there's nothing you can do as this BBW surprises you by sitting on your face. She sits down and gets really comfortable on your face. She doesn't care that she's smothering you. She even calls her boyfriend to tell him what a loser you are, while sitting on your face! She sits on your face for a long time and doesn't care how you feel about it.

You're the lowest of the low to me cuckold. You're completely pathetic. That means you're going to prove your worth. I'll take some sperm from one of my best slaves and give it to you. You better drink it all down. I want you to taste every drop of it. You better enjoy every drop it. I want you to ask for more. This is the way you start out with me.

My slave actual did his job well and bought me and my lover a weekend at an incredible hotel. The fact that he payed for everything while I was with another man got me real wet. I get so horny knowing I'm fucking my boyfriend on a cuckold's dollar. I get to have fun knowing he's at home waiting for me wishing that he was the one fucking me with his little penis.

You need to realize now what your duty is. You serve me of course. That goes without saying. You have to serve my boyfriend as well. I don't want to hear any bitching out of you about it. You will do exactly what he says. You will love every second of it. We're going to spend all of your money too you cuckold bitch. Get ready to pay up bitch

You want to know where I was earlier? I was at a gang bang. I let all these guys fuck me into oblivion. They fucked me raw and better than you ever could. I have a present for you, my cuckold. This here is used condom from the gang bang just for you. Look at the delicious cum that pours out of it for you. Drink it up you loser.

You'll have no choice when I shove this phone in your face of me taking it hardcore. You start watching and you're entranced. You can tell how well I get fucked. You see the pleasure on my face. You watch me take his dick inside of me. Now you know exactly where I was. I'm not going to stop showing the clip. I want you to know how much of a loser cuckhold you are.

You're going to watch this video very closely. Listen to exactly what I say. This is very important. I'm going to tell you exactly what to do get my love. There's going to be lots of tasks and if you forget any of them you're fucked. You have to do exactly what I say or else I'm gone. I won't love you if you don't follow my instructions exactly.

I had a great night last night. I went out with my fuckboy and we had so much fun. He fucked me with his giant cock. We both came all over the place and especially on my little pink panties. I brought them back for you because that's as close you're going to get to fucking me. Smell them and lick up my pussy juices and all of his delicious cum.

You're such a pathetic little loser. Last night I spent the night with a real man. His cock felt huge in comparison to your. It looked like this. I spread my legs real wide for him and he plowed me really good. He fucked my a lot better than you ever have with tiny little excuse for a dick. Go on and pull out your little dick and jerk off for me you loser.

This pathetic loser of a cuckhold is just laying there on the ground while his woman goes lesbian on top of him. Watch as Vanessa and Isabelle make out and play with each other while using this loser as a chair. He's in extreme pain and can't breathe at times, but he sits there and takes it in silence like the little bitch he is. What a true loser he is.

I hope you love watching this you pathetic loser. This is my new boyfriend and he gives me everything you don't. That's why I'm giving you the finger. I'm going to have so much fun kissing and playing with him. You have to sit there and watch all of it like the loser you are. Worship me like the little bitch you are while I have fun right in front of your eyes.

You're just going to sit here and wait for me like the loser you are. I'm dressed up all sexy to go on a date with my fuckboy. I don't give a shit if you know or not. You only have one use for me and that's cleaning the bottom of my shoe with your tongue. Do it quick so I look good. You better be waiting by the door for me when I get back.

You're such a loser. You think you'll ever get a real woman? No way in hell. They're only going to use you for your money and then else. She's go off to spend time with her boyfriend and fuck him. You can sit alone at home. They'll take advantage of you because you're so pathetic. God you make women sick. You stutter and can't make eye contact with them. You're nothing more than a cuckhold

Look at you, you loser. You sat there on your ass driving me and my new boyfriend around. You drove us to restaurants, bars, clubs, whatever we felt like. Now my feet are tired from all that dancing all night. Make yourself useful and massage my friend. My boyfriend is too busy getting ready to pleasure me. Maybe if you're lucky we'll let you watch the fun we're having together.

You get to be my cuckold for the next little bit. Sit and watch as I spend time with my new boyfriend. You're stuck watching as I have so much fun with my new boyfriend. There's nothing you can do about it. Watch as I have a good time with him instead of you. You may have all the money but he has something that you don't have but want... me.

Heute hat dir deine Herrin Money Princess Andrea ihren geilen Lover ausgeliehen! Deine Frau hat schon ihren Spass mit ihm, denn er sieht unheimlich gut aus, ist gut gebaut und intelligent! Also das Gegenteil von dir! Ihre Augen strahlen richtig, wenn er sie hart rannimmt! So kannst du kleiner Cuckold Loser sie nicht beglücken!

Du kleines schwules Stück bekommst heute etwas tolles! Du schluckst doch Sperma also bekommst du genau das Richtige! Nach dem Sex mit ihrem Freund bekommst du Loser die volle Ladung Sperma aus dem benutzen Kondom der beiden. Na los... geh hin und hol es dir, Schwuchtel!

Princess Jenny erzählt dir von den Geheimnissen deiner Frau! Du kannst dir kaum vorstellen, was sie alles über dich und deine Frau weiss... Du bist ein Loser! Und deine Frau geht dir fremd. Willst du wissen mit wem und woher ich das weiss? Ihr Lover ist jetzt der Exfreund meiner Freundin. Ein durchtrainierter Typ, der es deine Frau so richtig hart besorgt. Du bist dazu ja nicht in der Lage, du Loser! Wenigstens als mein Sklave bist du zu gebrauchen...

Du völlig bescheuerter Ehemann glaubst wirklich, dass dich deine Frau noch liebt? Du bist so dumm, dass du all das gar nicht merkst... Lasse dich von LadyDianaDiamond eines besseren belehren! Sie weiss, dass es deine Frau nicht so genau mit der Treue nimmt. Du willst mehr Details? Dann schau dir diesen Clip an. Cuckold-Talk!

Herrin Melissa wird dir in diesem Clip sagen, was sie von Versagern und Fussleckern wie dir hält! Sie schaut dir tief in die Augen und sagt dir kleinem Cuckold genau, wozu du da bist! Deine Meinung interessiert Herrin Melissa nicht, du bist nur der Sklave, der macht was sie dir sagt!

Du bist doch nur ein kleiner Schnellspritzer, den deine Herrin Greedy Casandra nur als Cuckoldsklaven benutzen kann! Für sie und ihren Lover bist du einfach nur eine Cuckoldmarionette mit der sie machen können, was sie wollen! Du wirst keinen Sex haben und du darfst nicht einmal davon träumen! Deine Herrin erniedrigt und demütigt dich! Und dann zeigt sie dir auch noch, was sie heute Abend für ihren Lover anzieht und was die Beiden machen!

Heute macht sich deine Herrin Lady Anja für eine Party so richtig geil zurecht! Sie stylt ihre Haare und zieht sich extrem sexy an! Mit pinker heisser Unterwäsche und einer schwarzen Corsage! Dann schminkt sie sich noch und sieht schon umwerfend aus! Noch geile High Heels an und das schicke Kleid übergeworfen, na wie gefällt dir deine Herrin! Geil?! Na du wirst aber wieder schön zu Hause bleiben, denn du bist ein Loser und nur ihr Cuckoldsklave!

Diese geile Herrin weiss genau, dass du nur ein kleiner Loser bist! Sie trifft sich heute wieder mit ihrem Lover und du wirst das ganze Date von Anfang bis Ende bezahlen! Die Beiden werden sich einen schönen Tag machen und geben dein Geld nach Herzenslust aus! Essen, shoppen, Kino, den Beiden wird schon etwas einfallen! Du bleibst schön zu Hause und kannst abwarten, ob sie dir noch Geld wieder bringen!

Deine Herrin erniedrigt dich heute mal wieder! Gerade nur, weil sie Lust dazu hat! Fetishdiva Lady Gold weiss genau, dass du einen kleinen Minischwanz hast! Du bist in ihren Augen nur ein jämmerlicher kleiner Loser, der es nicht bringen kann! Sie wird dir jetzt erklären, was für einen Platz du bei ihr einnehmen kannst! Sei froh, dass sie dir etwas von ihrer kostbaren Zeit widmet, denn du bist ja nur ein kliener Loser! Jetzt knie dich hin und höre deiner Herrin zu!

Herrin Lady Anja macht sich gerade für eine Party fertig! Du kleiner Cuckold Loser gehst natürlich nicht mit auf die Party! Du darfst deiner Herrin nur dabei zusehen, wie sie sich fertig macht! Sexy Unterwäsche hat sie schon an! Jetzt schminkt sie sich noch und dann ihr Kleid an, schon ist sie weg!

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